“Lord, lift my son to You”, from LWillows


Lord, lift my son to You

I lost and found him throughout the years,
In stories that wound, and then tangled with tears.
There I lay, soaked in a hive of mother-fears
Caught in the crossfire of life’s past arrears.

I surrendered, confessed, in soliloquy bared
and all of my words left your heart undeclared.
You are loved, my son. My soul pours without end.
Nothing could sever or hinder the soul’s blend.

Your blue eyes dwell like faraway doors
yet I wander through decades of horizons, yours.
More cherished than anything that words could hide;
Inscribed here are the visions that love wrote inside.

Lord, carry what I am powerless to hold.
Lift my son’s heart to Yours in Love’s mercy bold.
Be His Father, stir miracles – the ones that were born
When you formed him in me, your own Spirit’s dwelling sworn.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“Be blessed my son, for you are His craft”….a poem from LWillows


Formed in our hearts and wrapped in God’s cover,
Bound by His vows and in the arms of one another.
You were a life that first came to be,
In those love moments that The Lord gave to me.

Be Blessed my son, for you are His craft,
Not of my own but of His holy Heart’s graft.
Into the caverns of a woman you grew,
A life yet to be, yet throughout – I knew you.

Not for the season, nor months ‘till your birth,
But inside there dwelt a true soul in my girth.
Loving and longing with a will to live free,
You nestled yet wrestled with a passion like me.

Oh, be Blessed my son, for you are His craft,
Not of my own but of His Heart’s own graft.
Into the world and beyond you have gone.
A man, a life, and His own now, to lead on.

Yet wrapped in God’s cover and still in my heart,
Love ties together what never can part.
Pray, keep the words so inscribed in my tear.
You are the life born from Love’s sweetest year.

© 2017 Linda Willows