“My Wonder Lives” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

My Wonder lives
at treetops peak,
in sights that leap
beyond Loves’ keep.

I hold no bound
nor sightly door.
This world, this life,
It’s Grace does soar.

©2012 Linda Willows

photographer, Teiku Rizal

“With Scent of Earth and Tree’s Cascade” ~by Linda Willows

With Scent of Earth and Tree’s Cascade

As a girl I lived in a tree,
On branches high and gloriously free.
Where air and breeze set God upon thee
All aglow with secret mystery.

In willow waves I deeply swayed.
Therein my dreams were solemnly made.
Cast each June in four o’clock shade,
with scent of earth and tree’s cascade.

©2012 Linda Willows


Nature’s Sweet Hue, two poems

Through the Woods

Walk with me, talk with me
spend the day new.
Let’s roam through the woods; just me and you.
We could whisper of secrets and memories too
as we wind in and out of natures sweet hue.

©2012 Linda Willows

The Forest

Bring me to Nature where true Love abides
in and of all that the hallowed green hides.
A sanctified core lives in mystical peace
within all that breathes in a forest’s reach

©2012 Linda Willows