Loves Invite ~by Linda Willows



What must have suspended the breath, this night
calm to tone all with notes of delight
The hum of a heavenly bird caught sight
singing divine with love’s sweet invite.

Can another make such a peace still, inferred,
winding throughout like incense and myrrh
calling like hymns with mystical confer,
Love entered, swept through and left all with her.

©2012 Linda Willows

When the hills call me home ~by Linda Willows

When the hills call me home
I roam, I roam…

Entering the green
I know home, this my nome.

Nature enters the breath of my Soul
Whispers beauty, weeps to extol.

Let all rise, come to pray…
Home, Home, faraway,
Belong, be Love, Be here to stay.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Jody Miller

Love Revival ~ the mound of God’s Pew, by Linda Willows

roadtracks2d631-2 (1)

Love tenders itself back again
Found and found new.
Swells into a heart’s reaching
the soft mound of God’s pew.

Tender hands press
to warm
earthen clay
mellowed by waters,
waves rushed to the fore.

Callings, prayers, whispers
and a weeping full let.
All in the break of
Atonement’s reset.
Soaked in the tides of
tender reprieve. Formed
in new mold by Loves tender hold.
This is the refining
of a hearts’ greatest gold.

O Bless the revival
of Love
in such seasons
We find our homecoming
are purposed, see meanings.

Love tenders itself back again
Swells into heart reaching
the mound of God’s pew.
Hand of The Beloved
pressed to warm earthen clay
Lost, given, forgiven…
All on this day.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Dmitry Ageev