in the fields of Gods Almighty Mound ~by Linda Willows

Love witnesses Itself in Glory’s abound.
It plays in the fields of God’s almighty mound

In swirling designs that display beauty’s law,
It seeks our amaze as we tremor with awe.

I walk towards and into Sacred Heart,
abandon all veils that would keep us apart.
Then swept into heavens that spur Love’s ignite,
My soul is caressed with such wondrous Light.

Held as dear lover, true mate, and One note,
I am flush with God’s cover, immersed to devote.
Now ever as witness, one that bears the embrace
A soul, ever near, bows to Loves Holy Face.

©2012 Linda Willow; reprint 2014

Photography by Belua Gheorghe

“This, the Wonder of a Day”, a poem by Linda Willows

Journey at the break of day;
it hallows me, it marks my way.
All my reasons fall away.
I sanctify and fall to pray.
Leaves of umber, green and rust
You lay upon the ground I trust.
Sacred earth is tendered there
Godly wonders everywhere.

Take my arms that open wide.
Here’s my heart, my ended strife;
Take all into thy Side- my path of life,
Your step, Your Stride.
This the wonder of a day,
Each step brings round once more the Way.

Gird my dreams that fall too far,
they run like wind and fly to the stars.
Morning dew comes sweet and soft,
there with steps, I’ll not get lost.
Shine with gladness, goodness through-
There I walk. In Peace, with You.

©2012 Linda Willows

The Splendorous Abound ~ Poetry of Linda Willows

When I send vision forth with vow of devotee
The Real, deeply sealed; may still elude me.
I could gaze on for days into spectacles ablaze
Yet still be at play with some lesser light’s rays.

Blindfold me then to anything less
I surrender my own, my all, I confess.
Let the entire of my senses bow low in sacred ground.
That the splendorous abound of Your True Light be found.

©2012 Linda Willows



(photo: Romina Dugherovv)