Lifting Wonder ~ a poem by Linda Willows

And so beyond I find miracle bright,
it lifts such wonder, Oh holy, this sight.
Can it be the same, that single One Light
that burrowed, furrowed; and merged its Might?
How I lasted through days and the longest night,
with heart held tightly and kept from fright.

What beauty of Dawn does come to this Day
The Heavens whispered, all blues would pray.
I stood, stand still and followed through,
The Call that lasted through deep darkened hue.
All Loves that bright with such witness to Shine,
Step forward, we build to Love’s eternal Shrine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Vladimir Popovitch

“The Love Ravine” ~a poem by Linda Willows

When the white bends
it falls so far
so deeply from
the Bright, its’ Star.
Alone it keeps
it’s darkened plight.
The flower weeps.
It lives in night.
It grasps, it seeks
it needs, it keeps…
the flower’s Light,
Its Lover sleeps.

What Breath to press
upon such need,
to bend the true
Love’s budding feed?
Come breathe, come flow,
vein open, all to go.
This bending aching
Light’s retraction
needs the full and due
of Love extraction.
Come, the breathing,
come, the air.
Come this bright’s
it calls despair.

Beauty pressing,
naked petals.
All the longing lives between.
Leave the bending, unrelenting
founded folded to now to be seen.
Let the way
that touched the air
and found it fair
return to light, repeal, repent
Oh, Bright…just dare.

The white must blossom
Take the day
No other bend
may shape the way
Come anywhere,
come as before
come with no tear,
come with no war.
Bring all the Bright,
all seen between,
send each as true
in thy Brightened Being
Bend the Light now redeemed,
forsaken from the Love Ravine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Piet Flour

“As I fall up”, a poem by Linda Willows

As I fall up
my arms stretch wide.
I feel a winged
sky born stride.

The clouds pass by
in mists that soar
and tumble round
soft Heaven’s door.

I wish no thing,
I want no more.
The moment’s Prayer
is all adore.

Falling up,
I shed, I leap.
The Glory Light
flies in-
I weep.

Find me, worship
in leaping skies
amidst clouds embracing
hearts that rise.

©2012 Linda Willows