Cup the Love’s Wine ~by Linda Willows

Heart of mine,
I bend to breath…
I stiffen, ache
as you break to Lead.

While your beating,
tempers my moon,
the might of its rivers,
take my fears
to full swoon.

Truth take the Core
of these flights to near doom
and wash me ashore
with your Hand’s cradled womb.

Heart of mine, bend,
cup the Love’s wine,
fill all the channels
with That which is Thine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Gromova-Kal’Minsky

Loves Invite ~by Linda Willows



What must have suspended the breath, this night
calm to tone all with notes of delight
The hum of a heavenly bird caught sight
singing divine with love’s sweet invite.

Can another make such a peace still, inferred,
winding throughout like incense and myrrh
calling like hymns with mystical confer,
Love entered, swept through and left all with her.

©2012 Linda Willows

in the fields of Gods Almighty Mound ~by Linda Willows

Love witnesses Itself in Glory’s abound.
It plays in the fields of God’s almighty mound

In swirling designs that display beauty’s law,
It seeks our amaze as we tremor with awe.

I walk towards and into Sacred Heart,
abandon all veils that would keep us apart.
Then swept into heavens that spur Love’s ignite,
My soul is caressed with such wondrous Light.

Held as dear lover, true mate, and One note,
I am flush with God’s cover, immersed to devote.
Now ever as witness, one that bears the embrace
A soul, ever near, bows to Loves Holy Face.

©2012 Linda Willow; reprint 2014

Photography by Belua Gheorghe