“Praising, I am Praising, a heart so full” from LWillows

Praising, I am praising, my heart is so full. When life asked me to walk with a heart of faith bolder and stronger than I had fathomed before, I stepped forward. I did not do it alone. I could not. The strength was not my own. Someone near to me said, “You stepped off of the cliff with one foot out!”. Thinking back, I know now that The Lord was holding the foot that stepped out. He had me all the while.

Our Savior is so merciful. I am in awe of the generosity of Grace. My heart is stretched and then stretched again just to receive all that pours in from His Love. Me, the one with so many words- rendered speechless. Just left with a song, left with armfuls of songs in my heart that have been singing to us all from God that calls to us of His Love. We can only sing the praise back with joy and awe.

Hear the Praise! 

Wonderful Merciful Savior


2 Samuel 22:2-20 “my God is my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield”…inspiration from The Old Testament…offered by LWillows


2 Samuel 22:2–20
2 and He said,
b“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
3 my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield, and the horn of my salvation,
my stronghold and my refuge,
my savior; you save me from violence.
4 I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,
and I am saved from my enemies.
5 “For the waves of death encompassed me,
the torrents of destruction assailed me;
6 the cords of Sheol entangled me;
the snares of death confronted me.
7 “In my distress I called upon the Lord;
to my God I called.
From his temple he heard my voice,
and my cry mcame to his ears.
8 “Then the earth reeled and rocked;
the foundations of the heavens trembled
and quaked, because he was angry.
9 Smoke went up from his nostrils,
and devouring fire from his mouth;
pglowing coals flamed forth from him.
10 He bowed the heavens and came down;
thick darkness was under his feet.
11 He rode on a cherub and flew;
he was seen on tthe wings of the wind.
12 He made sdarkness around him uhis canopy,
thick clouds, a gathering of water.
13 Out of the brightness before him
coals of fire flamed forth.
14 The Lord thundered from heaven,
and the Most High uttered his voice.
15 And he sent out xarrows and scattered them;
lightning, and routed them.
16 Then the channels of the sea were seen;
the foundations of the world were laid bare,
at the rebuke of the Lord,
at the blast of the breath of his nostrils.
17 “He sent from on high, he took me;
he drew me out of many waters.
18 He rescued me from my strong enemy,
from those who hated me,
for they were too mighty for me.
19 They confronted me in the day of my calamity,
but the Lord was my support.
20 He brought me out into a broad place;
he rescued me, because he delighted in me.

Could we not rephrase or not even precisely form these eloquent words ourselves in these days, the hours we are living in? Is seeing believing or is the heart’s experience of a Power greater than our own, one that answers our prayers when we fall to our knees and pray for one another in weeks such as this past one not the door that opens us to a wondrous and direct experience that there is an wondrous and Almighty God, that is listening, comforting, holding us, reaching to us each. I am vividly awake at 3:30 in the morning. Time is my last concern. We are shifting just as all that seemed to be steady is no longer like rock and lasting. All that seemed lasting, is not guaranteed. We need to look beyond the shifting sands of a world beset by great trials while still sinking our selves deeply into the actions  of Love and motions forward that will leave the imprints of our hearts. Whether we write or not, we are all like scribes in our hearts, leaving imprints, like carvings upon the mortal lives that we live through our heart’s givings. I pray that we learn to look, listen and call to that Holy Sovereign and become thirsty for a relationship with this God that looks to us as well.