“Loves’ Tender Reign”, a poem by Linda Willows


I stand upon such sacred ground
not born of this world, yet here in Heart’s mound.

Tender to touch, still fragile as dust,
I pray Love to be found in all Life’s abound.

Willing to open with the Graced gentle flow,
I cast all lost tears and lay rest in a glow.

Swept thus into, the whole of Love’s Reign;
my soul, I pray, is freed in God’s gain.

©2012 Linda Willows

“A Bounty of Tenderness” ~ by Linda Willows



May our voices hush lest some stirring or word
defeat one heart, hope or someone’s dream heard.
Needs we all share for tender touch and love’s feed,
are found forever in the Ocean of Soul’s Freed.

Lord, lift us free, with a sweet and kind touch.
Quiet our core to the hum of life’s rush.
Fill us again, this day, tomorrow, and more
with a bounty of Tenderness, to receive and restore.

©2012 Linda Willows