“Starshine, soul’s brine” ~ a worship poem by Linda Willows

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I am covered low, in love divine,
as one embraced in sacred vine.

A wreath by day, thou lights heart shrine.
And come the night, Star shine, soul’s brine.

The eyes of Heaven open revered…
Holy, holy, Our Lord comes near.

A hush of prayers bow low, sweet with tears.
Father, Our Lord, He is here. He is here.

©2014 Linda Willows



Love joys at the moment ~ “Blessed”, a poem by Linda Willows

My heart does sing
in the dawn of your Face
Hidden beyond
a shining cloud’s lace.
A Universe bows,
Light sparkles in space;
Far comes to near
in a moment’s embrace.

Love joys at the moment,
Heart fills with God’s sea-
In deep prayers’ grace
and atonement’s decree.
I bow to be a witness…
I bow to be blessed…
For in this sweet moment
God’s door has been pressed!

copyright 2014 Linda Willows

In the fields if God’s almighty mound, a poem by Linda Willows


Love witnesses Itself in glory’s abound.
It plays in the fields of God’s almighty mound

In swirling designs that display beauty’s law,
It seeks our amaze as we tremor with awe.

I walk towards and into the Sacred Heart,
abandon all veils that would keep us apart.
Then swept into heavens’ that spur Loves ignite,
I am caressed in my Soul with the wondrous Light.

Held as dear Lover, true mate and One note,
I am flush with God’s cover, immersed to devote.
Now ever as witness, one that bears the embrace
A Soul, ever near, bow to Loves Holy face.

©2012 Linda Willow; reprint 2014

Photography by Belua Gheorghe