“The Motions of Love”, a poem by Linda Willows


A dance in me motions through seasons beyond,
in long ago rhythms, that captured youths’ song.
It lifted my soul above and with might,
to follow the light that beckoned through night.

No matter what season or passing of time,
the dance was a muse that lifted life mine.
Soft callings on winds did whisper to me,
bidding my follow of a love symphony.

Ages and years did not lessen the call.
My heart learned to bend in devoted enthrall.
As deep, wide, and gentle this lift brought my soul,
the motion imbued from a note freed me whole.

Elation and sorrow loosened in the bend.
What ached in such windings were found in loves mend.
Years, oh decades could never replace,
the wonders of new life with God’s hand in Grace.

What dances is freed to roam heaven and earth,
to lift with the Wind and its music of mirth.
Oh, glory, the road that is glimpsed in such flight,
when taken, is shared with all of heaven’s delight.

Not without price is this motion revealed
To open the sacred, we bid Love, we yield.
Sweet listen, a lift for truths beauteous call-
this is what dances, it is Love’s enthrall.

Of my dance, of yours, of our lives given round-
Let all seasons bring motions that we can know joys abound.
the whispers of winds from the heaven above,
move through us, resound us, in the motions of Love.

© 2015 Linda Willows

“This Graced Godly Roam”…..a poem by Linda Willows

Words press upon page ever-light to kiss,
Sweet motions set in, my heart moved to bliss.
Dancing between all the notes that set free,
some poet, ago – one that wandered like me.

Hours blessed the days with whispers of prose
as I walked in a garden of winds laced with rose.
Oh let me soft speak; even sing in hushed tone…
some few hallowed words from this graced Godly roam.

Leave me and find me – all good comes Home now.
I’m in the dear fold of the Lord of the Vow.
Pardoned, entrusted, and beloved of Now,
I wander to drift in the grace of endow.

Words press upon page oh, too Light to kiss…
Find each of us, all of us – poets in such bliss.

©2015 Linda Willows (rewrite original 2013)

Love joys at the moment ~ “Blessed”, a poem by Linda Willows

My heart does sing
in the dawn of your Face
Hidden beyond
a shining cloud’s lace.
A Universe bows,
Light sparkles in space;
Far comes to near
in a moment’s embrace.

Love joys at the moment,
Heart fills with God’s sea-
In deep prayers’ grace
and atonement’s decree.
I bow to be a witness…
I bow to be blessed…
For in this sweet moment
God’s door has been pressed!

copyright 2014 Linda Willows