“Upwards into such Glorious Gate”….by Linda Willows


Our God, you know our hearts throughout,
you see our sorrow, tears and night’s doubt.
Through times that shake all mortal ties
and loosen the grasp of sudden goodbyes.

We, your people pray to stand fast
to abide in your Love this moment till last.
Cancel the hold that weakens our grip
and fire the Cast in Your sign of Son-ship.

Come so gently. Abide in us all.
With You our Lord; our Hearts will not fall.
Leading. Keeping. Holding. Reaping.
Loving us throughout all loss’s weeping.

With such deep near Grace you gently lift,
each of our eyes to see Your Love’s true drift.
Upwards into such Glorious Gate…
We gaze in awe of such joyful fate!

© 2016 Linda Willows