“Pour, Godly Good”, by Linda Willows


I must fire the storm and let the rain pour.
I cannot hold still or lie down anymore.

A dance in me is burning my muse.
Hidden, sleeping, like an untouched long fuse.

It is painful to move; for too long, life unused.
I stir to wake, or forever to lose.

Break all apart until this heart starts.
Thunder the veins that would seem to depart.

Dance through the glass and the red fallen post.
Clear the halls filled with her irradiant ghost.

Let all the called winds bring Your heavenly Host
And find muse fired in skies that light Your Beauty most.

Mark all the told and invoke the birthed new.
Let all that is Sacred claim this motion’s due.

Leaping into the arms of your love’s Evermore,
Let the Godly in and sweet rainstorms pour.

©2016  Linda Willows, original 2012