“Holy heart, hush – I hear Love’s amend.”……a poem by Linda Willows


My heart lies between two sweet notes of rapport,
first elation that joys and motions the fore,
how it rises, it echoes, Lord deep from my core..

And yet I still grieve even in new frontiers;
with woundings that weep lost in life’s yesteryears-
Lord, praying forgiveness to blanket the tears.

Life’s branches once broken plead their rebend;
they live on in world other until Grace attends.
Holy heart, hush – I hear Love’s amend.

Gladness that joys in all moments of love
bind me in faith as all mends from above.

Glory the notes that call my heart home,
beyond years, time and tears,
they fill my Soul’s Roam.

© 2015 Linda Willows

Photo Credit to  Photographer, Kemal Kemil