The Joys’ Adore….a Poem by Linda Willows

OskyF500292Barry Wayne Ackerman

The Joys’ Adore

Wonder fills with awe and praise;
Daybreak stills my heart to gaze,
Upon the silent thunder of…
Your Presence, Peace and sweetened Love.

Though burden and pains may break with the dew
All burdens do lift in sight Lord, of You…
Tumbled forth, oh given, saved, rumbled into,
the  Joy and Adore of Your first holy Pew.

With hand upon heart and bled dying parts
I pray with glee of their glory depart.
Oh all in this view must give to You
even hopes and dreams must stand in a queue!

Glory path you shine before
this given Heart, this joy’s adore.
Be ever more in me: Lord, I Wake…
Though thunderous cries may fall at daybreak.

© Linda Willows 2015

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman

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The joy of Jesu…..”devotions”, a poem by Linda Willows


My heart does speak in the dawn to your Face
Jesu, hidden beyond shining cloud’s lace,
Universe bows, lights sparkle in space;
Far comes to near in a moment’s embrace.

A tear of my own does glisten bright,
As my heart lifts up to Joy’s delight.
Merciful shadow I am to thee.
Keep me low, near and sweetened,
Calmed, and constant at Thy knee.

©Linda Willows 2014