Psalm 63:3-7 praise & ‘turning to the love of God’…from LWillows

Turning to the Love of God
Turning to God is turning to a love and a sovereign power that will not fail us most especially in times of crises, overwhelming need and the seeming failure of what we depend upon for our existence, assistance and reliance in a world of astounding change and unsettling circumstances.

We need to gather in communities of love. We need to mobilize compassion and empathy into prayer that moves beyond words and pictures into lives that change.

When it is Love-the Love of The Lord God through us, that pours from all skies of the lands, then our hearts and lives will be re-shaped. The world that we see will reflect Love. The Holy Presence that has spoken throughout the ages will be heard, seen and known as we live, and pray hope forward through generations next.

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