“A Holy Pour”, a poem by Linda Willows


When heaven comes to find our hearts,
the Mercy leaps, it parts from faith’s start.
Even in the mortal years
it grips all pain apart from fear.

Nevermore a day to weep,
but Joy to find in each life’s keep.
Hailed in the dawn that finds life’s true reap-
Wonder awakens and stirs us from sleep.

How Love does stun the door apart
as Grace floods into our written chart.
More, comes more, in a Holy Pour
The awe does stir our souls to adore.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“As I fall up”, a poem by Linda Willows

As I fall up
my arms stretch wide.
I feel a winged
sky born stride.

The clouds pass by
in mists that soar
and tumble round
soft Heaven’s door.

I wish no thing,
I want no more.
The moment’s Prayer
is all adore.

Falling up,
I shed, I leap.
The Glory Light
flies in-
I weep.

Find me -Worship,
in leaping skies
amidst clouds embracing
hearts that rise.

in celestial towers
of blue,
home I am,
again, with You.

As I fall up
my arms stretch wide
my heart, my all
lets Holy glide

This, the entry,
this, the call-
at the font of God’s enthrall.

©2012 Linda Willows