I Hear You… ~a poem by Linda Willows


I hear you in the silence of…
sweet dreams of mine, that whisper Love,
in the night time of my breath,
the very mist of light and death.

I hear your heartbeat in my own…
strong, revered, as though one known,
sounded in the chambers of
my soul’s entire, here and above.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photography by Sfylwia Makris

Cup the Love’s Wine ~by Linda Willows

Heart of mine,
I bend to breath…
I stiffen, ache
as you break to Lead.

While your beating,
tempers my moon,
the might of its rivers,
take my fears
to full swoon.

Truth take the Core
of these flights to near doom
and wash me ashore
with your Hand’s cradled womb.

Heart of mine, bend,
cup the Love’s wine,
fill all the channels
with That which is Thine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Gromova-Kal’Minsky

Meet me There ~by Linda Willows

OlandscapeF508652John Wickline
Meet me there
in the sweet green knoll
breast of my Love,
that garden of ole.
Feel the grasses wind round
and blanket the earth
with palms turns upwards,
mounds of God’s mirth.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by John Wickline