“Would that I had Danced for You”, a poem by Linda Willows

Would that I had danced for you,
become muse in the spirit of grace and its hue.
Danced before and after the music sang through,
as heaven crossed into the earth in a joyful debut.

Arms fall up and limbs would lift,
caressed by some other, wrapped in Gods drift.
partnered, wooed by a sweet holy gift,
oh, I danced, music swept; my soul -it was kissed.

My bones and flesh, they are God’s design.
Motion all blessed; it was not mine.
Surely all joy in a mystery divine.
mine to unfold, His Love to entwine.

Would that I still had time to dance,
or ever might, could there still be a chance?
You would see my soul lift and the rapture of love,
a dancer’s heart filled; all wrapped from Above.

©2016 Linda Willows

Please enjoy the collection of Beautiful Dance Photographs includedbtumblr_m8im9jMpIw1rwu8ico1_500bblarge


“Sunrise, Sunset” ~Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows

I hope that you enjoy this new collection of photographs. I think that they are sensational! Please feel welcome to pause the slideshow if you would like to save and share of the photos for yourself! The images, when saved are larger than in the slideshow and the names of the photographers are on the file names for your convenience. You do not need to refer to me if you use any of these photos! Just passing the beauty and joy through…..
Love, Linda

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New Inspirational Photo Gallery ~ Flowers, from Linda Willows

In honor of the happiness that flowers can bring into our lives, I offer a new collection of Flower Photos.   Each is beautiful and unique,  like a palette of inspiration from Nature!  To keep one or more, just “save as” and label (you will see photographer’s name). Love to all, from me!

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