Aspire~ Inspire~ Invoke~ Share~ with Linda Willows “One in Love’s Roar”

“One in Love’s Roar”

Here, there, and with glistening pour,
a new day will Rise
in astounding galore.
No land is different,
better or more.
All find reunion
in the Beloved’s Heart’s Adore.
Standing together
as One in Love’s Roar,
We will call, implore
and find lift to God’s Core.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo gratitude: Piet Flour)

“Ground soft as petals”, from L.Willows

“My heart’s given over to the Path You provide dipped in the lush fragrance of whispers aside.
Ground soft as petals, I feel no divide as All reaches in to keep, protect and to guide.”

©2012 Linda Willows


Inspiration and the act of sharing what inspires is something which I feel deeply about. To “inspire” means, literally – to inhale, from the Latin word, inspirate (in-spir-a-te) which a favorite word. It leads back to the inhalation of Spirit, which then we breathe forward, outward and share. 



Rise in Love

There is a core in each Heart’s birthplace
That longs to fill throughout with Grace
To follow its’ passion and Rise in Love
Joining All in embrace here now as above.

Such yields surrender to a greater Known
And turns our Hearts inside out, to be Shown.
We hide no thing, nor act, mortal or of Soul.
As the peace of God’s Presence is dearly extolled.

©2012 Linda Willows