“Shadows Dance” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

All shadows dance
with abandons’ delight,
lifting into the dare
of sweet freedom in Light.
Marking bold steps
left from history’s flight,
they rise unhindered
on this very night.
Curling in and out
of winding fire’s height
they endow and ignite
all secrets from the Night.

©2012 Linda Willows


(photo credit: Radu Carp)

“Take me with You, Wind today” ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

Take me with You, Wind, today.
I long to feel like your own at play,
Flying up and far away.
I would champion the skies that bid your way.

Let me fly above the treetops high
And whisper the sounds of natures’ sweet sigh.
I would soar with the birds, wings outstretched and light
And join with their songs as day turned to night.

Wind, I miss you caressing my face.
There was never a time nor season or place,
When you were not beside my own journey and heart
With a promise that You would never depart.

©2012 Linda Willows

The Splendorous Abound ~ Poetry of Linda Willows

When I send vision forth with vow of devotee
The Real, deeply sealed; may still elude me.
I could gaze on for days into spectacles ablaze
Yet still be at play with some lesser light’s rays.

Blindfold me then to anything less
I surrender my own, my all, I confess.
Let the entire of my senses bow low in sacred ground.
That the splendorous abound of Your True Light be found.

©2012 Linda Willows



(photo: Romina Dugherovv)