“Day calls Glory by Name”…a poem by Linda Willows


When the world quakes with lives that suffer and plead;
Mortal hearts unwind; all our buffers recede.
Night whispers do groan from the might of God’s girth.
A moaning that aches in plights of His Earth.

The battle that calls us; the weak and the strong,
to stand up and walk in the fires that grow long…
Defies us to slumber, to harden or to rest
and motions our souls to embolden the quest.

No hunger nor thirst could deny such a call
when lives turn to face the redeem of God’s All.
In the midst of all rumbles and darkened night mists,
We turn to the One that receives our heart’s lists.

When the world quakes lives born into Love’s seed.
Mortal hearts come to wake in a Graced intercede.
Blessed then with the dare and the faith to proclaim
Worlds turn, souls Wake; Day calls Glory by Name.

© 2016 Linda Willows