“Gratitude Blessing” from LWillows

Gratitude Blessing

Heavenly Father,
You Bless us with your constant love,
with a gaze of endearment that knows no bounds
Nor limits of affection and mercy

You swaddle us with care and protection,
Wrapping our lives, each of us known to you-
Drawn into the dearest blessings of your comfort and constancy.

Father, we bow deeply before Your works,
For all before us; all that You have done and all that You will do-
Amazes our hearts and fills us with gratitude.

You Bless us with Your sovereignty,
With the power of Your Holiness from beginning to all eternity-
Without limit, we pray, aspire and are stirred to waken to Your Kingdom.

Heavenly Father
We bow in deepest gratitude
For lives altered by the knowledge of you
By Your ever Faithfulness,
and the eternal request that calls to Reunion, Mercy and to Love.

© 2018 Linda Willows