“We are the Hearts”, a poem from L.Willows (love walking, the Beloved)

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This little poem speaks of the life-journey. We can be hearts that are challenged throughout life, yet ones that rise above and are lifted – loved through the seasons of all- brought to the Throne of the Beloved.  (Linda Willows)

We are the hearts that beat until
there is no other silenced will,
in places that would rather be stilled-
We challenge yet to feel and spill.

Dare us not to fall away.
Dare our souls to rise this day,
wrapping each our own fate’s stay
with love that Keeps, that binds our way.

When the season comes to find us home,
soften us, Lord, by brine, we have roamed;
lived from within each corner of the Stone
loved, drawn, by the light of your Throne.

And due will be the Glory of
such mighty freedom from Above.
Our hearts will find their dear Beloved,
there will be with the deepest Love.

©2012 Linda Willows, © 2019 Linda Willows

“We Can Be Love Walking”…a poem by Linda Willows


When Love stands forward
It reaches. It is bold.
Love asks the giver
To release all that could fold…
Our strength is in weakening
All the doors, walls and holds,
Decades; lives of knowing,
Hearts that hide on thresholds.

We can be Love walking,
On the steps of grace born…
Open to seeing,
Life with hearts sworn.

Winding together
With quests that swell out…
Humbled, encouraged,
Emboldened hearts shout.

Love stand us forward,
Let Love walk here.
Teach our hearts aching,
To pull Your Life Near.

We can be Love walking
a tribe that climbs high…
Humbled, encouraged
Enthroned by God’s cry.

© 2017 10.11 Linda Willows