May I Gather One Rose?

May I Gather One Rose?

Each morning I wake
To a single day’s call
Without a bid to converse
With the future at all.

A breeze from the curtains
Does lift and sway
With sealed message of secrets
Swept into this day.

Light or dark, rain, sun or cold;
It all moves throughout,
With duty and purpose bold.
God’s landscape reveals
Ancient mysteries untold.

Might I gather one rose
Before it is called to unfold?
It gives me some gain
Before it bears fate so ordained.

I am chosen by each hour
As the sun makes its way
Through the valley, mountain, desert
And the ocean’s eve display.

A single step in God’s garden
Can never be known.
You cannot take tomorrow’s wind
And bring it today, home.

Nature’s true moments
Are given to equate all desire,
Then each and every treasure
Becomes a world entire.

©2011 Linda Willows