“Oh, the joy that soaks Love’s brine”….a poem by Linda Willows


I feel a dance within my heart,
pure light does move my limbs;
arms reach high and lift to sky-
leaps and turns peel out to fly.

All that hinders fall behind,
all that wanders comes to find-
this, the dance of all twining mankind;
Oh the joy that soaks Love’s brine.

When I thus dance within my soul
I see you therein, Each, All, too;
lifting me up and out into the blue-
casting my flight into heaven’s sweet pew.

All that binds me now must fray,
all that blinds me pray, fall away;
in this dance of the soul’s sacred way-
Oh find me Love, in the deep prayer of Today.

© 2016 Linda Willows

Photo © Sharen Bradford (Yuan Yuan Tan principal dancer for the San Francisco Ballet performing Jessica Lang’s ‘Among the Stars’ during the TITAS Command Performance.)

“On Bended Knee” sacred poem by Linda Willows

On Bended Knee 

On bended knee I find my own,
the way of simple ‘letting’ known.
Freed are all the burdens kept
out they flew, oh out they leapt.

I bowed my head to let all dim,
The Love, came then, it poured; soared in.
My all curled toward the mercy Bright.
Heart folded round firm in this might.

Wrap me round and hold me tight,
I never want to leave this site.
Oh let the fetters of the day,
find their way without my say.

I need to Love on bended knee;
’tis how I die, and live, and see.
The glory All is farther than,
the Whole and heart of even me.

Life, its source, the beauty of-
comes free, but Lets from far above,
and when we bend our lives to Love
to live and die, to reach to see,
we arch in deep humility.

Touching portal veils that hold,
we embrace in love with God extolled.

©2015 Linda Willows, Linda Willows 2012

Photograph by Kemil Kamal

“The Love Ravine” ~a poem by Linda Willows

When the white bends
it falls so far
so deeply from
the Bright, its’ Star.
Alone it keeps
it’s darkened plight.
The flower weeps.
It lives in night.
It grasps, it seeks
it needs, it keeps…
the flower’s Light,
Its Lover sleeps.

What Breath to press
upon such need,
to bend the true
Love’s budding feed?
Come breathe, come flow,
vein open, all to go.
This bending aching
Light’s retraction
needs the full and due
of Love extraction.
Come, the breathing,
come, the air.
Come this bright’s
it calls despair.

Beauty pressing,
naked petals.
All the longing lives between.
Leave the bending, unrelenting
founded folded to now to be seen.
Let the way
that touched the air
and found it fair
return to light, repeal, repent
Oh, Bright…just dare.

The white must blossom
Take the day
No other bend
may shape the way
Come anywhere,
come as before
come with no tear,
come with no war.
Bring all the Bright,
all seen between,
send each as true
in thy Brightened Being
Bend the Light now redeemed,
forsaken from the Love Ravine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Piet Flour