Born Amidst a Thousand Stars

Born Amidst a Thousand Stars

My heart was born

amidst a thousand stars

that exploded in the night.

Nested in galaxies

Formed by Divine Hand

miracles to behold,

This is God’s Land.

Sacred awe wept joy

at such meeting

No other birth could

Fathom such greeting.

Such galaxy within

reflects the eyes of That Love

radiance knowing,

from far, near and above.

©2012 Linda Willows

My Heart Wrapped with Love

My Heart Wrapped with Love

Oh become my own, my only Love.
I wrap my heart throughout above.
Keep me near and dearer still
I must define this passion’s will.
Turn my soul towards your face
And set me down in a sacred place.
No other desire may bleed from me.
This heart’s longing aches only to be
A love called Your Own, that journeys to see
The wonder of Your Birth, a Life born in me.

©2011 Linda Willows