“Feasting on God’s Glory”, from L.Willows (soaking in Goodness, Joy, Blessing, God’s Love)

Recently, I described to a friend that I discovered another way to soak in God’s Glory in a season when I needed to feel near to Him. We are taught to fast and pray in the scripture as a way of gaining a closer relationship to God. It can bring about a spiritual breakthrough and causes the heart to be drawn towards Him in worship. I discovered a joyful way of celebrating His Presence by Feasting in His Goodness afterwards. It takes the form of Listening and Receiving His word and teaching generously and joyously from sermons, podcasts and online sources that give delight to my heart. I call it the Feast after the Fast. Sometimes I have done it on and off for weeks at a time. It is also a wonderful way of influencing the heart to create a posture of closeness to God and to loosen a pattern that gazes at anything but Him.

You can form your own list of resources for “Feasting on God’s Goodness and Glory” but I will offer one for you here to try. It is also nice to add music that inspires your spirit to the list. In a “Feasting the Heart” season I will use resources with me as I go about my day including scripture – life does not need to stop. (add recent sermons and podcast from your church; I love to add my own; Alexandria Presbyterian Church) I add what inspires me, sermons and discussions from teachers of reputation. You can listen while moving, walking, driving, resting, be creative. I have even slept during feasting and prayed that the words soaked into me by God’s Spirit! It is wonderful to learn, listen, let your heart stay soft and enjoy. (LW)

Here are some suggesting for podcasts and resources to Feast on; enjoy creating your own!

Tim Keller on Mark 15:33-47 , YouTube

Tim Keller, “Laboring for a God who fights for us”

Tim Keller; Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life

Knowing and Doing Podcast, from the C.S. Lewis Institute

The Audio Library of the C.S. Lewis Institute

The Gospel Coalition Podcasts

See Jesus.net “Love Moves Towards People” with Paul Miller (Global Discipling)

See Jesus.net “Love Under Pressure”, Paul Miller (Global Discipling)

See Jesus.net “Conversation with Pilates, Jesus the King”, Paul Miller (Global Discipling)

See Jesus.net “Becoming Human Again”, Paul Miller (Global Discipling)

The best Christian worship and praise songs of 2021

Mercy and Goodness in singing together (Josh Sherman)

Bless the Lord Oh my Soul