Love bears Witness ~a poem by Linda Willows

Love does not wait
upon permissions
nor partake
in time nor rule.
It flows with all abandon
as if had
in a duel.
Cannot be captured
lest be lessened.
Not be owned
lest be “known”.
Love releases wings
to soaring flight,
bearing witness
To Birth
of Light.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photographs by Shirley Jean

I say “Lord, yes. Begin.” ~Life is Beautiful PhotoQuotes by Linda Willows ~8.1.2012

Wake! Oh…as I drawn my breath in and feel a moment’s bright spin.
I say, “Lord, yes. Begin.”
Never late. All our crossroads come now into Glory’s great sake.
“Make it Wide”, I say.
For the Beauty is long and Forever is at stake.

© 2012 Linda Willows

photo by Lisa Graham

“Beauty of Flowers” ~enjoy the New Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows

You are each welcome to enjoy and share the beautiful flowers in the new collection. Flowers Inspire me! I hope that they bring joy and smiles to you too!

you are welcome to use any photo or photos that you like, just pause and save. (actual photos are larger than they appear) The slideshow works best from the blog!

Love, Linda

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