New Inspirational Photo Gallery ~ Flowers, from Linda Willows

In honor of the happiness that flowers can bring into our lives, I offer a new collection of Flower Photos.   Each is beautiful and unique,  like a palette of inspiration from Nature!  To keep one or more, just “save as” and label (you will see photographer’s name). Love to all, from me!

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~ The Lord’s Sweet Downpour ~ with Linda Willows

We find our Core in solitaire, etched beyond our petals bare.
Arising behind all nightly dares; still and unshaken by worldly cares.
As we approach this fragrant seed’s mystery door
We become emptied of all but the Lord’s sweet downpour.

©2012 Linda Willows
“May your day return you to sweet reminders of your Core, forever living in the Lord’s sweet downpour”.

(photo gratitude: Radu Carp)