“Dissolved in Love’s Deep”…by Linda Willows


I am softly drawn into a Love divine,
as one sweetly held in His sacred vine.
A wreath by day, the Bright lights heart’s Shrine.
And come the night, prayers tender souls bind.

The arms of Heaven opened, revered.
Holy, holy, Our Lord comes near.
A hush of revere bows low, sweet with tears.
Our Father, Abba, The Lord; He is here.

Devoured in the cast of His grasp from above,
my soul is swept full, in a rapture of love..
Of Heaven, The Kingdom and all in Your Keep
we bend, we stretch and dissolve in Love’s Deep.

© 2016 Linda Willows; 2015 LWillows

I Hear You… ~a poem by Linda Willows


I hear you in the silence of…
sweet dreams of mine, that whisper Love,
in the night time of my breath,
the very mist of light and death.

I hear your heartbeat in my own…
strong, revered, as though one known,
sounded in the chambers of
my soul’s entire, here and above.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photography by Sfylwia Makris

Empty Palm’s Grace ~by Linda Willows


Come forward, face the sun,
day blossoms as done.
Horizons lift into
life’s heart golden spun.

Walk from the silence
of the peace that comes due,
when the Heart is the frame
and Love, the View.

Ache with the calling
that stirs to become,
to touch all that Breathes
in the mystery of One.

Leave all, let fall;
no possession may keep…
deeply the motion,
though the heart may weep.

Found in the glory
of empty palms grace,
is the fill of a Kingdom
that brings Souls to embrace.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Belyaeva Light