“Motioned”…a poem by Linda Willows


Motioned inside the ache of what breaks…
my limbs, they are stretched; called out to seek space.
finding the pathways so hidden with twists
all those that tangle and cause broken resists.

How deeply this pull does want in my arms,
they reach with far longing like the sky’s destitute,
tipping and touching with hands that sweep out
like wings former broken, now finding life’s route.

Pulse stirs within each breath that absolves,
unraveling, unwinding, uncurling pain’s cry
escorted within the quaking of mirth
comes glorious joy freed upon life’s rebirth.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“Love’s View”….offered by LWillows

Love’s View

Remind me, unwind me, when life stirs a wave,
Swelling the fevers; uprisings that cave
My steadfast and ever belonging to You,
With Prayer and beseech Lord, give me Love’s view.

In all that today may bring to the fore,
I ask to be willing, courageous and more.
Would that I might be a vessel for Love
And usher the oceans of life as Above.

©2017 Linda Willows