“Holy these petals become”…a poem by Linda Willows

Photograph by Esteban Rios

I marvel at my Zinnia flower’s tone,
bright with pinks’ hues, it roams like love’s koan;
abiding in joy; seasons through two…
it welcomes each morning at one with the dew.

Is it with the gift of some lightness to bear
that flowers like this must live free and dare,
beckoning, dancing as a heart that must bloom
in petals, with a fragrance that spreads room to room.

Seeds flecked with gold as these petals unfold,
this Zinnia is a wonder with purpose untold.
Treasure in living with light from above-
Turned to the Sun for all days in His Love.

As time brings the cycle of Grace to fulfill,
Petals open to grandeur; this God’s holy til.
Earthen seeds scatter like birds in the sky,
carried to burrow in earthen love’s home,
born again dears, they shall never again die.

Marvel the joy of the weep that will come
in that new morning when all will be done.
Holy, oh holy these petals become
when the seasons of Love are all blended to One.

© 2015 Linda Willows