“Footprints in Awe”…a poem by Linda Willows


Lifted to the clouds I fell to Thee,
As if my all could float, fly, free-
Like a child in God’s sweetest roam,
Swept near, swept in, there close to Home.

All the sky looked like Your Throne,
As if the earth were heaven’s own.
Joined together we were one
Life connected, I was there with God’s Son.

This moment stood then as if apart,
Vivid with color; time soaked my heart.
All of my life and being was held
in a cloud of Light, in a joy drift that swelled.

“Surge”, my heart said, don’t let this go.
Life could take you back in its tow.
Oh the beauty, the Love, the wonders I saw,
I wept in my soul and made footprints in awe.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“Freed as Love’s heir”, a worship poem by Linda Willows

DdancersFR239821 Tom Stio

Lord, pull my heart and wrap me around
the whole of Your love, immersed, endowed.
Now drown the hallows of all life’s waves
into the depth of Your deep sweetened gaze.

I cast all towards Your certain way
and leave behind what binds every day.
I’ll carry not my burdens here nor there,
for in Your care, I am freed as Love’s heir.

I bid my heart to rise into love
and walk as one born boldly new.
Holding, keeping, living, reaping
All lived from a glimpse of none but You.

This, in the awe of my heart in love’s tow.
O Lord you have set my soul aglow.
It births, it gives all life a new start.
I reach, embrace, and shall never let go.

©2017 Linda Willows