“Pour, Godly Good”, by Linda Willows


I must fire the storm and let the rain pour.
I cannot hold still or lie down anymore.

A dance in me is burning my muse.
Hidden, sleeping, like an untouched long fuse.

It is painful to move; for too long, life unused.
I stir to wake, or forever to lose.

Break all apart until this heart starts.
Thunder the veins that would seem to depart.

Dance through the glass and the red fallen post.
Clear the halls filled with her irradiant ghost.

Let all the called winds bring Your heavenly Host
And find muse fired in skies that light Your Beauty most.

Mark all the told and invoke the birthed new.
Let all that is Sacred claim this motion’s due.

Leaping into the arms of your love’s Evermore,
Let the Godly in and sweet rainstorms pour.

©2016  Linda Willows, original 2012

“I am Found”….a poem by Linda Willows


In the sweetness of brushes with air drifts that paint,
a lightness is catching the soft songs of saints.
Hush, oh so new, this is a virgin heart’s due,
Born in the dawn, in the silent moon’s hue.

Fragile the silence that draws back the veils.
It breathes in and out with mysterious wails.
Tipping all stance and former commands,
I bend at the door of His Glory and stand.

Soft comes the Light in its touch to embrace,
I am covered in wonder, in rapture and grace.
Like a seedling that breaks with all might through the ground,
I burst with a joy that at last, I am found.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“And was Godly made”…..a poem by Linda Willows


“And was Godly Made”…..a poem by Linda Willows

In the womb of love, I felt your sweet start,
a secret, such hope and new dreams filled my heart.
My life filled up and tendered like new,
as God made your form in my own for His view.

Miracle day birthed your wondrous cry out
the start of life’s breath; I heard your soul shout…
“Me, I am here, for the joy, for…at last.”
Hold me tight, hold me close, hold me love- birth has passed.

Into my arms you curled as love made.
Eyes blue as the dawn when at daybreak we prayed.
Your heartbeat was laid upon my waiting love’s nest.
And all the world stopped, as my son took first rest.

© 2016 Linda Willows
This poem is dedicated to mothers, everywhere, whose love for their sons and daughters begins in the womb and follows to all eternity- for all are Godly made and live belonging to God alone.