“Sweet Roar” ~a Poem by Linda Willows


Lord, lift this frame, that designs me so.
My heart cannot still, it must learn to let go.

Allowance may pour through the fount of Love’s door
Yet the fray of dark days set new fires at the fore.
Pour through the flames lest none but Thy Light
Brings You close; finds my heart, tends my all through the night.

Lord, take all names that resign me, so
I can not- will not, belong to their tow.
Lift off from this frame “what tears me from you”,
Bring my heart near, bind me to your Singular Pew.

Come mark my tent with your sacred Love’s pour.
Call me out. Let Life in. I can hear sweet Love’s roar.

Bless every year, every tear that let go.
God take the frame, for my Heart is aglow.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Jorge Maiia