“God’s Tree”, a worship poem by LWillows


God’s Tree

All of Heaven reaches your branches;
all of the earth beside your depths,
I pray beside your deep green wonder,
like a child with a heart of new breaking thunder.

The grass beneath is warm and soft,
a nest to hold this wandering guest
that all tender souls might reach to your bend,
and fold into the arms of God’s dear tend.

Oh, keep me near arms found and set free;
held close in this fold, wrapped in sweet mercy.
The substance of love reaches out as foretold;
my heart is embraced in the grasp of a sweet hold.

Soft Heaven, your peace is here tenderly.
I am sheltered, caressed and held by Love’s own decree,
a captive of – no other than Thee.


© 2018 Linda Willows  © 2011 Linda Willows