Poetry~Heart Prayers, L.W.

Please enjoy the many poems within the “Beloved” site. They are simple and just offerings. Over the years, I have shared moments and heart thoughts in prose. It is like another way of praying sometimes; a way of speaking to God and expressing the heart. I enjoy a certain rhythm that I feel when writing a poem. It feels like dancing with Spirit. Like prayer, it begins as an activity of the heart. 

Here are some to explore:

The Joy

One Breath to Dawn

Found in the Forever

Like a Wind That Runs Love

Running With Wind

God’s Holy Moment

Heart of Peace

Heart Windows at Dawn

Love’s Grace Extolled

Whispering Winds

Speak My Heart, Hope

Take Us To Your Church

Silence Roars

A Wind Through Reed’s Prayer

Take me with You, Wind today

There You Are

Songs of The Dawn

Wrapped in His Nature

Grace in The Dawn

Into the Winds of Eternity’s Herd

At The Dawn

Here, in Far Home

Speak my Heart Hope

Glory Amen

I Breathe Because

All the Love that was Told

Would that I had Danced for You

From Heaven’s Glove

Heart of Peace

The Eye of Joy’s Hold

Here in The Garden of The Summer’s Slow End

The Nests of Red Barn

Called by Spring

Love in the Balance of Heaven and Earth

This is my Yes, my homage to You

God’s Lullaby

Lifted Towards Wonder

Tomorrow Belongs to You, Everywhere

From a Vast Honeycomb

A Wind Through Reed’s Prayer

Hold this Dear Mountain

Called by Spring

God’s Tree

Love in the Balance of Heaven and Earth

Prayers at Sky’s Pew

God’s Holy Moment

Lord, This Old Tree

I Dance in Air

Love’s Grace Extolled

The Blessing’s Sweet Roam

O Keep me in The Nest of You

On Bended Knee

In Solitaire

When the hills call me home