“The Heart Photograph”, From L.Willows (marvel, awaken, fellowship, see God’s beauty)

Many years ago, I lived in New York City, in Manhattan. I remember the all of the parades and festival days with a deep smile. Today for example is, May 5 Cinco de Mayo which celebrates Mexican heritage and freedom. On this day I remember that I used to get a coffee and a special pastry from a place on the avenue and then look for a good seat on the parade route in the morning alongside many neighbors with the same idea. One year, it was usually a beautiful blue sky spring day. As we waited in the uptown streets, there was a tranquil sense of hope. Families would start to gather. Mothers and nannies arrived with young ones as parade time grew near.

We all knew that Cinco de Mayo in New York City was a party not to be missed! A sense of anticipation grew. The streets filled with the smells of vendors offering Mexican foods. The neighborhood started to transform. The calm uptown streets felt playful. We were all smiles, especially the children. I held on to my seat.

Then, in the distance I heard music and voices. It was like a rumble arriving from somewhere. Straining to see, it was as life-in living color was arriving! There was dancing and singing in the streets as the procession came our way. Brightly colored costumes twirled their way towards us. Children and adults squealed with delight. Sticky fingers grabbed to greet the passing celebrities that paraded by. The music became louder than our praise. Group by group of bands and musicians and performers passed for hours. Sometimes it was just people and families that joined and proudly walked by in costume celebrating heritage. It was singing and dancing all the way. This was a City Party!

The Street spilled with music, people, colors, dance, running, singing, shouting, prancing- at times the watchers moved in out between the parade as if to become part of the festivity. Others will engage even more senses to see and marvel the beauty of the world and life as all passes by. This is the “heart photograph”. It imprints joy in another way.

We just never know how precious a moment is until it has passed by and become a memory that we retrieve years later. We don’t even know when we will unknowingly be a special part of someone else’s special heart photograph- imprinted for years to come. Moments like this are often simple but have some things in common that cause them to be impactful.

Here is a suggestion:

  • They are about something more than ourselves. We are caused lift up and to gaze at life from a viewpoint larger or “other” than our own (by the circumstance) Someday, even today-we long to see from the view of God’s Heart.
  • There is a condition that causes or creates a fellowship with others. (We recognize that we belong and are not alone) We are together, in the Kingdom of God. We are commanded to love one another.
  • We are taken out (even temporarily) of our world state or status. (by the event, the shift, the beauty around us, the change in status, the difference) In God’s Kingdom, worldly state has no bearing upon us. We are seen by His eyes from the view of His Heart.
  • We notice our environment with our senses and marvel at life (we awaken and marvel) This world is created by God’s love. Using our Spiritual senses heighten awareness and increase our ability to marvel, wonder and receive His love.

Have you ever taken a Heart Photograph of something? Where all or any of these four conditions included?

You can take Heart Photos now.

As you encounter the day, allow yourself to go through the four steps: 1. Lift up your gaze to a viewpoint larger or other than your own. 2. Recognize Fellowship and Belonging; move towards conditions of Fellowship. 3. Allow yourself to Shift Status by seeing the Beauty around you, in the world, in your life, in others. 4. Notice your environment with your senses and marvel; awaken, see God’s beauty everywhere.

Imagine, as the world become filled with digital photos- it is possible to develop and even more precious way to create imprints of life’s wonder in ways that can be savored with delight, even tempered by wisdom in years to come. It is in your heart, equipped by the eyes of your soul.

With the our spiritual eyes, we can see God’s beauty everywhere because His Spirit is in every living thing.

© 2021 Linda Willows

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