“Times of Turmoil”, a letter from Cherie Harder, President of the Trinity Forum (Loving One Another, the Shalom of place, Justice)


Friends, I received this open letter yesterday from Cherie Harder, President of The Trinity Forum which has it headquarters in Washington D.C. and wanted to share it with you. I continue to pray for my own heart, all hearts to open to listening, bending and bowing before the power of God’s love so that we can be led forward. -L.Willows

Times of Turmoil

This has been a week of such pain. As I write this, the death toll from coronavirus has passed 108,000 with nearly two million still battling its ravages. The anguish and rage from the on-camera killing of George Floyd has spilled out to the streets. In several cities, peaceful protests have devolved into riots and looting. Wise leadership has been desperately needed – but our most powerful public figures have instead stoked division, encouraged the use of lethal police force, and tear-gassed peaceful protesters to pose with a Bible for a photo op.

Proverbs reminds us that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Americans need a shared vision of justice and flourishing for all of its citizens that extends beyond our tribes, parties, ideological bedfellows, and includes the marginalized, struggling, and overlooked. And Christians are called to enter into the often challenging but always God-honoring and life-giving work of loving our neighbor as ourselves. Such love requires equal justice, rights, and protections, but it also calls for listening, attending to the experience of others, and valuing them as we might our own being.

In a fallen and unjust world, we love imperfectly, and see through a glass darkly, our vision obscured by our own biases, filters, and scars. But the call to love our neighbor, and seek the shalom of the city is not optional, but a summons to partake in God’s work. May it be said that they will know we are Christians by our love.


© 2020 Cherie Harder

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