“Lord, I Need You.” from L.Willows (Blessing, Jesus Christ, Eternal Hope)


“Lord, I Need You”. It is a wonderful and amazing thing to say and to pray. It causes our hearts to fall forward and melt all that burdens us. Sometimes, in this journey that we are each on, we need to pause and accept bewilderment. Perhaps we need to realize that we cannot carry the troubles that lay upon our hearts and minds on our own strength. I seem to need to relearn this lesson over and over again especially when facing new situations. We can call upon God in this hour and in every hour. He is our rock and our Salvation.

I realize that when times become especially challenging we can fall into a false way of walking. We think that we have to “soldier on”. The worldly way of gaining strength in the face of challenges does not help the heart. It puts up a wall, a shield that can feel “tough” but eventually it becomes an obstacle.

It is hard to pray through. It isn’t a real shield. It can’t protect us from anything; it only freezes out and denies feelings that get buried deeper. Nothing goes away.  We then need  God more. We feel even more distant, isolated, and needful. The actual burdens increase because now we are carrying buried feelings and the stresses of more fear and isolation. The calling becomes more urgent. (The Lord God is the true Shield and our eternal Protector)

God, I need you. Break my heart so that you can take it back. Bring me to you. Bend all of me towards you.

“I need to feel the warmth and goodness of who you Are. Let the false shields fall and help me to know that I am vulnerable, my heart is tender and I am able to love everything that you have created today. Let me sing in your heavenly choir like a child of Yours because I love you and most especially because I know that I am loved by You.”

Lord, come near. Jesus, Your heart is our hope, the healing, and the Blessing. You are our salvation. You are Life. Come near. My heart is open to you. I need You.

When Jesus Christ comes near and our hearts fall before Him, we receive generous blessings. we become filled with gratitude- and our lives open up to love. The journey becomes one that is miraculous. When we allow our hearts to “break” and become vulnerable before God, His love fills us with His Spirit and the peace of His Love. The blessings pour outward. We are filled with the hope of the Eternal.

© 2020 Linda Willows

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