“In Footsteps Meek and almost Bare”, a worship poem from L.Willows (prayer walks, loved by God)


It has been several years of worship poetry that arose from nature walks. This one was from a year ago. Recently I discovered the joy of “Prayer Walks” which are even more amazing. In them, I speak the prayer softly and often include (spontaneously) all that I witness along the way as parts of praise, gratitude, worship, and appeal to God. As I circle around- I have even started to sing or hum. Now, I think that the squirrels and the birds along the way know me because the same ones come out to greet me each morning, occasionally even seeming to follow or precede me on the trail. The joy continues throughout the day. Maybe our days can be a Prayer Walk!

In footsteps meek and almost bare
I walk towards horizon there
Barely seen by my own eyes
Barely known, I try to find signs
Yet in the outstretched blue before
There is a canvas painted above
Far beyond what I might see
No clouds or night can separate me

From outstretched arms that reach to hold
A love that bends down deep does mold
Such a heart around the whole of all
I fathom life to be its call.

I place my footstep forward towards
This mighty bright, it beckons me.
Heavenward with the graze of love’s scent
I tilt towards such beauty’s knee.

Wrapped in bare sighting,
I know not whereof.
I walk in awe’s lightning,
My heart feels Christ’s Love.

© 2018, 2019 Linda Willows

3 thoughts on ““In Footsteps Meek and almost Bare”, a worship poem from L.Willows (prayer walks, loved by God)

  1. Every walk I take in the beautiful community where I live brings the prayer out of me. The beauty, the energy of oneness is all I can see. Thank you for sharing your lovely prayer. mary


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