“The Way of Valor and Love”, Scripture and Prayer from L.Willows (honor God, fasten to His will)


Saul also went to his home at Gibeah, and with him went men of valor whose hearts God had touched. (1 Samuel 10:26)

It is said that a God-touched heart is one that is sympathetic to Him, one that is steadfast, leans towards Him and enjoys His comforting. A God-touched heart is sustained by God, is molded by His will, sincere and able to endure!

The Greek word for touch is Haptomai. It means to fasten one’s self to, adhere to, cling to. When God touches our heart with His Love, it causes us to fasten ourselves to Him with greater love and purpose.

God touches our heart for a purpose. He is calling us toward Himself. When we are called in this holy way, the Light of His Spirit touches our heart and illumines what He wishes us to see in new ways. Some call this ‘conviction’. We need to look more truthfully at something that is in front of us in our lives.

God is holding his mirror up before us and showing a new picture with a perspective that was formerly unknown to us. Sometimes this feels shocking, almost electric! And it is because we are seeing with ‘new eyes’.

Our hearts, touched by God have been renewed by His touch. It is taught in scripture that we have eyes in our heart to “see” from. In such times of deep connection, we not only see with greater acuity but are also encouraged (given courage and strengthened by God) to move forward and fulfill His purpose.  Each of us has callings and purpose that move us into deeper and deeper degrees of our sanctification. This is our walk with God, the way of valor and love.

This is the beginning of true valor, it a heart touched by God that is able to fulfill His will. It is one that is compelled to action that has a purpose imbued by God. It is a life that praises God with heart, mind and being.

Prayer for Valor and Love

Today I look to you with a heart asking to know you more fully.
I praise the majesty of your approach.
All of me is silent as I wait for you. 

I let myself be washed ashore like a youth, my mortal will in surrender.
Let everything that was, be the past and may all become new again!
Make my heart in You. Touch me with your Love, your will, your purpose.

Only you, Lord can fasten me to your will and to your love,
Towards the All of YOU. Take me In and love my all. 
Fill me with your Peace. Fill me with Love’s Call.

Before You, I commit my heart towards your love and purpose.
Praising You. I thank you for filling my heart with your Comfort.
Raising all before You Lord, I thank you for filling me with Your Peace
and lifting the eyes of my heart to the steadiness of your Love.

In Jesus Name,

© 2019 L.Willows

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