“Our True Needs and The Call to See Jesus” from L.Willows


Our True Needs and the Call to See Jesus

We all have many needs. We have heart needs, physical needs, family needs, “life” needs, relational needs, and the list goes on to include our community, our country,  fellowman and more. When we pray and appeal to God we bring our hopes and needs to the altar of the one that has the power and ability to fulfill “all things”. Is it possible that we ask for what we what without knowing what we really need?

Matthew 19:26

26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Yet all things are subject to the discernment of the timing, wisdom and the will of God. We do not have the ability to see or foresee all the forces at work in our own lives nor in those around us when we ask for what we need. We often want be do not understand the fullness of what we are wanting.

That means that only God can fathom the full content of our need and wants.

Only God can decipher the now and the future of our request. Sometimes we, ourselves are not able to distinguish between needs and wants.

Wants are more attached to the now. They often, if addressing a frame of “the eternal” will fade into the background because they concern themselves with matters of the world; money, worldly treasures, position, desire, more of something, gaining something, adding to something, having something, position of something, desire “to be something”, to change the opinion of “someone”, gain recognition, to elevate the self in a worldly way for security, gain security, etc. These are wants.

Needs are connected to the heart. They have to do with love, belonging (true security), and faith (trust). Needs start at the family and relational point but lead back to God. It is the way that we have been created because he is our true Father.

When we say that God understands the fullness of our needs it means that it is His Grace that takes our needs.

Philippians 4:19

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

  1. Only God can decipher the heart motivation behind our request. From this, he can see how best to fulfill the need.
  2. Only God can decipher the future fruit of the fulfilled need. From this, he can form his timing of when he places the answer in our grasp.

So when we pray and ask that God meet our needs, we need to gather them up into our hearts with humility and awe before The Lord, knowing that with our own minds we do not always have the ability to fathom the path ahead nor do we have the ability to see or the unseen hours to be. Gratefully we bring all before a knowing and wise God has “riches in glory” beyond what we can imagine in Christ Jesus. But we can See Jesus.

Is that the secret then- shall we loosen our needs into the glory of Christ Jesus? 

By seeing Jesus we turn towards the glory of the fullness of what he gave to us;

  • the gift of salvation
  • grace, daily gratitude
  • walking in his glory
  • being servants of his love
  • turning our hearts into reflections of his light
  • living as the children of the living God
  • finding fullness in the values of truth
  • loving valor
  • living valor
  • being love, Be-loveds.

A Prayer~


I am praying that you hold my heart today and look deeply into it.

Help me to loosen my needs and wants, to release all into your capable hand, 

by the power of your Holy Spirit.

Allow wisdom to pour into my thoughts and choices so that I walk forward in

ways that are pleasing to you,

May my relationships and actions honor you and glorify your love.

And let gratitude precede every moment that blesses this day.

In Jesus Name,




© 2019 Linda Willows

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