“Thanksgiving Prayer to God” 2018, from LWillows


Thanksgiving Prayer to God 2018

Lord, God
Source of all life,
Creator of all that we behold
all that our hearts and lives reach towards,
and fathom as good and true,
is from you.

You, Lord
are the gracious bestow-er of all blessings.
Everything comes from you.
The breath that speaks in this prayer is yours,
The joy of its longing is love for you.
Faith, at this moment, in all times, is a gift from you.

As we come before you
our hearts are filled with gratitude.
We feel the magnitude of your generosity and grace.
We are filled with wonder at the certainty of your Love.
Our hearts fill with awe when we receive the treasures that you have set before us.
Lord, help us to be good stewards of all that you give.
Lead us towards the paths of your righteousness.

We ask that you forgive us for the trespasses of our mortal flaws,
Lord, we ask for greater humility,
Help us to see our hearts with a boldness of vision that reflects a courage
far beyond the sights of this world,
Let us be your visionaries, Lord;
Help us to see Truth.
Guide us as we navigate the trials of this perplexing world
and give us the wisdom not to lean on our own strength.

Help us to be “Uniters”, to forge forgiveness wherever we are
and in ways that please you and follow the will of your divine love.
Give us the strength to see Truth in Adversity and Beauty in Chaos
For You, Lord, are the one that can endow us with spiritual sight
That transcends the eyes of this world; eyes that will see Heavenward.

I Pray that on this day of Thanksgiving we look to you,
with the deepest Gratitude for your own Sacrificial Love
and learn to live selflessly,
to turn our lives and heart outward
because of You.

For the greatest gratitude is living a life of love forwards,
with the fullness of heart poured endlessly out,
giving from Faith, because of faith alone
and for the Love of You.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,

© 2018 Linda Willows

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