“Why I let her dance at all”, a poem from Linda Willows

Once before
a lullaby
then all goodbyes.
Whispers to the heart of vows
turned a life,
the corner of
all that motioned and sweetened love.

We were dances,
we had heart.
We knew melodies that hope did start.

As gentle ones, we lifted free,
in those dear flights,
she danced, it was me.

We flew, we roamed-
in faraway lights,
and dreamed of a life in the sweet Jubilee.

Then as if in a shining embryo
lit in distant space adrift
all fades far to times ago,
curtained within my memory’s glow.

Turning back,
I can still see her call,
asking why
I let her fall.

Why she broke in such enthrall,
why I let her dance at all.

Come again and be with me
to know that home is safe and free.
Stretch and step love forward till
you, me, we, dance all of love’s fill.

© 2017 October. Linda Willows

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