“Lord, Turn us to Love”, Ivocation prayer from L.Willows


Lord, turn us to love.
Lead us to respond to the hearts of one another.
Let there be no boundaries or borders that hinder noble calling.
For we are formed together by you.

Help our hearts to know that when suffering burns into one of us,
it leans upon us all.
Teach us to be pressed by Love.
Release the Power of Your Spirit to motion
the courage that can open our hearts to awaken to You,
Help us to walk in Your compassion and behold life and one another
with eyes of tenderness that sweetens to action.

Lord, search our hearts.
Help us to be able and listening so that we hear you above all else.
Give us the humility to bend before you.
Break our pride and the self-reliance that gathers in armies against you.
Bless us with confidence in Your sovereign mercy and Spirit indwelling.
Lead us to You, show us our life in you as one Family.
Grant us the wisdom to regard ourselves as belonging, united and loved.
Turn us to love one another, to bear and enter the hearts of one another
by The Power of Your Son, Christ Jesus,

in Whose Name we pray…


for He Calls us to Love each as Beloved, Saved, His Own and brought Home.

© 2017 Linda Willows

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