“Lord, teach me to Love like a Lantern”…offered by Linda Willows


Lord, teach me to love like a Lantern; to allow love to flow from my heart with all of the joy and fullness that comes from the Grace of Your Presence.
You give me Light.

You have lifted my own heart so many times, answered my whispered prayers in the night and even heard my thoughts as they formed before they lay and rest as burdens in my chest.

I have learned about Love from You. I have learned that it is unlimited and always with me. It sheds like a gracious beam that graces me with healing, forgiveness and a soft light in which I begin to view all of Your Creation including myself.

It is like a Shining Lantern that descends from Heavens carrying the Light of Tens of Thousands of Stars unknown and unseen by our mortal eyes yet felt so deeply and with such wonder when we are Near to You; to Your Light.

The Lantern comes, lights a flame in our Hearts and we are born in You.

Lord, we are never alone again. We begin to Real-ize Love. This is my prayer.

Help me to Love as You do. Help me to love like a Lantern; to give love out freely without requiring something in return. Help me not to put conditions on the love that I give.

Father, if there is un-forgiveness in my life I ask that Love and It’s Power come through me with such might that it weep through the waters that may have built a wall anywhere between me and anyone else.

I ask that the power of forgiveness, grace, Your Favor and kindness be more powerful than anything else on this earth or in me.

May my Heart become a Lantern that grows brighter each day that I see not only the world around me, but also in humility – view my own self…my ego, my pride, my worldly grasping, help me to see it all as a grasping that lies in the shadows, not in the Light of Your Truth.

And Lord, Thank you for all of the beauty of the world that You have Created.

Help me, help us. Bring us to Your Love and Beauty in ways that stun us out of the darkness. Awaken us with your Light.

Teach me the way of courageously holding the Lantern of your Love. Help me to be an “illuminator”, one of Yours that sees your wonders, miracles of love and lives to Glorify You for life is deeply precious and we honor all that You have Created.

Help us to Realize Your Love on Earth as it is in Heaven.

© 2016 December 29. Linda Willows

(Photograph by grace of The Holy Trinity Blog)

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