“My Soul Does Dance”, by Linda Willows


My soul does dance in breaths that soar,
far beyond and through all sacred lore.
How do I feel when the heavens mist?
Dear God, it is like the sweetest kiss.

My soul lifts more into Your arms
and dance, I do with earth-born charms.
It matters not at all that I
Would motion all the sky to cry.

Not to weep for sadness due
But for the joy of knowing You.
This, my dance forever until
all joins as Yours, in freedom’s will.

©2012 Linda Willows; republish 2016

Photograph by Niko Nedelkovski

3 thoughts on ““My Soul Does Dance”, by Linda Willows

  1. I have always been amazed at the Native American Ghost Dance … How they would go one often until in ecstatic collapse they fall unconscious. The dance was intended to make them impervious to the white man’s bullets.

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      1. To understand the soul’s expression through the grace of ballet is an embodiment of love. That a nation of people found solace in the ghost dance speaks of that same love, even in the face of their dispair. From what I’ve read it is still practiced in private today. Many blessings … Peter


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