“One Heart Bears The Other”…by Linda Willows



Who walks in our midst and bears no high will,
no goodness in act – but strides in stealth’s ill.
A quaking far soon; not for child’s’ room;
for ne’er moves a shadow in His Love’s heirloom.

Was a calling for each and all to stand tall,
waking to the dangers of sleeping ’til a fall.
Lure comfort, the unknown; “what future may come”,
in the life of another – we must all feel as One.

We walk in the wounds and the binds of our Own;
no one can fall or be slain all alone.
One heart bears the other, we all find home inside.
Let love cover the children. He will dry each tear cried.

Who walks amidst us and would dare stir a storm;
costly the price of lost time, life and love’s deform.
Rather let us weave a formidable prayer’s mend,
With God’s intercession and our Faith on ascend.

© 2016 Linda Willows

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