“Sweet Mercy”, a poem by Linda Willows (see Jesus, Praise, Glory)

Joy’s fullness comes in a soft cloud swelled sweep,
like a dawn of wonders drawn after a long sleep.
Dreams of yesteryear fly up in a mist,
replaced by miracles of sweet prayer kissed.

Now in the places that former held ash,
the yield comes from seed that knows Your deep Vast.
Oh to dwell in these moments with you, Lord – just this!
All your gifts in my heart heart fill with Mercy’s sweet bliss.

Would that I carried an oar to direct
my craft in your sea of earth’s tide to select
all that would bring this world to your Crown,
a bidding, all portions, an homage, Life Found.

© 2016 Linda Willows

3 thoughts on ““Sweet Mercy”, a poem by Linda Willows (see Jesus, Praise, Glory)

    1. Such a good point. We need to be connected to Love and with Bold Faith in Unlimited Mercy, the perfection of Portion and how Near and precisely we are cared for in Light of The Kingdom Perspective! What is our worth? What sheds, what needs to thrive and boldly step forward into the unknown. Home, is not the “familiar”….it asks that we risk leaving all that is “familiar”, sometimes even breaking away from lifelong patterns and beliefs, ties- so that we clear an opening for new ground…new Portion…new seed and fruit that we may never have fathomed that could be part of our hearts and lives!


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